IT's Just Me!!
Rants and Raves of a Sane Mind!!

The Morning Soundtrack

I am awakened by the sound of birdsong and soft music coming from my bedside table. It is my phones “pre-alarm” called “Angels Feathers”. I listen a few seconds more before I get up and in one motion kill the alarm and unplug the charger. Silence… Except for the birds singing outside. I head to the loo phone in hand as I don’t want my wife to be awakened by the roar of the lion which is the sound of my main alarm.

Sitting on the throne, I can’t help to think how blessed I am to sit there and listen to the birdsong every morning like a flying Symphony… And my farts sounding like an out of sync trombone. I once asked an oral expert, at a Colgate presentation, how long we should spend brushing teeth and she said that you should brush it thoroughly about as long as the “Happy Birthday” song. Which usually pops into my head as I am putting Aquafresh on my toothbrush.

I get dressed and head outside to take the Pink Scooter out of the shed and check the traps I put out for the mice. Traps are empty and the bait is untouched so there is still hope… I start the scooter and let it idle while I put my lunch and meds in the back cargo hold. As I shut off the engine I see the woodpecker sitting on the wall with a worm in its mouth watching me. I apologize to her as she has been nesting here longer than I have and go to the window where I can see the air vent next to the back door where she feeds her babies…

I put on my watch and plug my headphones into my phone and and start my 3rd party music player to check the volume level. I walk back into the bedroom  and for a second just watch my wife sleeping. I still can’t believe that this beautiful angel married me. I go sit next to her and kiss her goodbye and promise to let her know when I arrived at work.

I put my helmet on, carefully so I don’t disturb the earphones, close the door and push the scooter to the gate, push as the others are still sleeping. I say goodbye to the dogs and lock the gate behind me. I press the button on my earphones. Garth Brooks starts my ride to work with “The Beaches of Cheyene” and I wonder about the origin of it. I should as on his Facebook page whether that song was about the death of champion bull rider Lane Frost. Or if it was for the credits of the movie about Lane Frost called “8 Seconds”. A photo of Lane also features on the music video for Garth’s song “The Dance”.
Another Garth song follows,  this time from his latest album, the song being “Cowboys Forever” which is a tribute to the first generation of Cowboys. I couldn’t help to wonder about the word “Cowboy”… I wonder if it was originally an insult that somehow became a symbol of strength and honour… Face it,  a cow is nowhere a symbol of strength when compared to a bull or an ox.

I stop in front of my store and get off my pink horse, wondering why there are so many cars parked by the train station. I unlock the roller door and the  front door just as Prime Circle starts singing “Breathing ” in my ears…